What do couples like to do in bed?

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Men and women like to "talk in bed and have sex under the bed": do you think so?

Most of us, accounting for 68.66% of the respondents, communicate, communicate and tell with their significant other. , listening are all done in bed.

No wonder that whenever there are scenes of couples chatting in domestic movies and TV dramas, they are always arranged to take place on the bed - the bed is so comfortable. But after all, TV dramas are an entertainment activity suitable for all ages, so the couples in the shots are always too serious. They are covered so tightly by a big quilt that they wish they could even cover the chins of the hero and heroine.

Of course it is much easier in reality, horizontally, vertically, or lying down , crawling, holding... whatever makes you feel comfortable. Office politics, celebrity gossip, gossip... As long as there are no ears between the walls, you can believe the nonsense.

1. 25.38% of the participants claimed that "there is no theme, just joking or joking for a while."

2. 19.08% of the men and women each told some interesting things about their family or friends. Or recall interesting things from the past.

3. 13.36% of people will discuss each other’s work with their significant other Problems encountered, such as "office politics and so on, let him give me advice."

4. 11.07% of the respondents would "talk about each other's emotions and express their feelings for each other" in bed Love and cherish."

5. 6.49% of people just said that they only talked about some trivial household matters, "such as car maintenance, water pipe failure or when to pay the phone bill.

6. 6.11% of couples engage in sexual activities Communicate and communicate, "Mainly making some reasonable or unreasonable sexual requirements to the other party."

7. 4.2% of people seem to have nothing to talk about. At most, they ask: "What to do tomorrow, or discuss Where to go?”

8. 3.82% of couples will complain about what the other party has done wrong in bed very inappropriately, such as “complaining, talking about each other’s rights and wrongs, or listening to the other person’s criticism of themselves.” ”

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