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You were the one who flirted with me, and you were the one who left first

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"Do you have this feeling, that you are led down a lost road inexplicably? When you put your bag on your back, pick up your sword, and decide to go your own way without stopping, a person suddenly appears and says he wants to share this with you. A long life. He...

"Do you have this feeling, that you are led down a lost road inexplicably: when you put your bag on your back, pick up your sword, and decide to go your own way without stopping, suddenly, Someone comes out and says he wants to share this long life with you.

He kissed your hand sincerely and said that he will block the storm for you for the rest of your life, and you only need to hide behind him and enjoy a happy life. You were overjoyed, and in excitement you threw your sword and roasted the horse. When you turned around, you found that this man was gone. ”


I think people who have never been given up by others will not understand. If no one ever greets you, you can withstand the severe cold; People have made a promise to you to "hold your hand and grow old together with you". You can also die alone; if no one has ever sympathized with your pain and cried out for your wounds, you can also knock out your teeth and put them in your stomach. Swallow it.

You can actually do it. You can be strong and not shed tears when you are alone for a long night, you can hide and cry secretly when you are wronged and misunderstood, and you can even cry secretly when you are sick. Whenever possible, work hard and work overtime.

If you are alone in the world, then you will not feel any pain in the above.

What are we most afraid of? What we fear most is that someone suddenly breaks into your world and feels sorry for you without any warning. By the time you become dependent on him, he disappears. What we fear most is that the person who promised you a future without any warning will disappear after you leave everything behind. When you were willing to wash your hands and make soup for him, he became cowardly; what we fear most is that when the strong fortress you have accumulated over the years was overwhelmed by his tenderness, he retreated.

If not When he appears, you will still be the female warrior who is fearless and braves the battlefield. But when he appears, he takes off all your armor and weaknesses, but only protects you for a short distance.

He doesn’t know that after he left, you became extremely fragile. The slightest disturbance would be a catastrophe for you. He was too domineering and easily got you.


In the dead of night, you always blame yourself for being naive, how can you trust someone so easily. But after thinking about it for a long time, you only blame him for having stars in his eyes.

Perhaps you will still recall the good times when you were together, maybe you once drank ice-zero and watched the scenery together, you also shuttled among the fireworks in the world, and enjoyed yourself in the heat of the food.

< p>Perhaps you have leaned together and imagined countless shapes of the future, the color of the wallpaper in the room, the choice of murals in the living room, honeymoon travel strategies, and even the appearance of your future together. It seems that the future you imagined at that time was clear His tentacles are visible, who would have thought that under hisAfter you leave, it becomes your own ivory tower.

You must have gritted your teeth and cursed him, but the longer time passed, the more relaxed and happy you became: after all, the people you meet are all luck, and no matter whether you can complete the journey with him or not, you should not take him with you. hatred.

Maybe he really loved you, but he just stopped loving you later. In any case, you should still thank him, even though he did not fulfill his promise to stay with you forever.

But during the time you had him, you still felt a happiness you had never experienced before. This kind of happiness must be something you cannot get back no matter how much you achieve alone.


Just next time, you have to remember, you have to learn to be smarter, and don’t let go of all your defenses before you see the real future. Although this will be tiring, it can make you more free and easy. Even if one day he suddenly wants to get on his horse and leave you immediately, you can wave your hand and say goodbye in a decent manner.

Don’t give up everything immediately when you meet someone who says they love you and wait for him to tame you. You should learn how to love yourself before being loved.

We meet across mountains and rivers, and no one should give up anything for anyone easily. If he loves you, time will definitely make you believe it. If he doesn’t love you, he will walk through two mountains and walk through them. A river is never seen again.

The person who suddenly left you may have used up all his luck to be with you all the time. In doing so, he will also let you meet your lifelong habitat, so don’t be sad. , okay?

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