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How to spend your twenties when you are poor and confused?

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1 I saw this question on Weibo, thought about it carefully, and felt that I am still qualified to answer it. I had just graduated five months ago, and I experienced the panic of being at a loss and the confusion of not seeing hope. As a newcomer in the workplace,...


I saw this question on Weibo, thought about it carefully, and felt that I am still qualified to answer it.

I have just graduated five months ago, and I have experienced the panic of being at a loss and the confusion of not seeing hope. As a newcomer in the workplace, I have not yet developed the skills to be responsible for my job. Although I am constantly learning and improving, I am still more confused than adaptable.

I am also a member of the struggle in first-tier cities. I have all the anxiety, confusion, and pressure that contemporary young people have. Working overtime, staying up late, and the inseparable feeling of loneliness are all part of my daily life.

It can be said that I am the most typical young man with three things: anxiety, confusion, and dark circles. I know that these are not enough reasons for me to answer this question.

What really gives me the confidence to stand up and answer this question when I am confused and anxious in my twenties is because, at the same confused and anxious age, I was still in my twenties. It has a dazzling sparkle. More importantly, I have slowly learned to get along with my twenty-something self, and get along well with it.


Under the comment "How to spend the poor and confused years of your twenties?" on Weibo, a netizen replied: "Actually, I was confused and poor when I was seventeen years old." Another netizen replied: "Maybe you are still poor and confused when you are in your thirties."

Yes, we must first clearly realize this. It is not just your twenties that are the most miserable. The twenties of people all over the world are almost equally confused. Don’t think that twenty is the worst age. In the eyes of teenagers, teenagers are also miserable, and in the eyes of people in their thirties, thirty is also unsatisfactory. A very cruel fact that we have to face is that there is no such thing as "easy" in life.

What people fear most is not difficulties and setbacks, but self-pity in the face of difficulties and setbacks. You must have an ambition that can withstand the difficulties of the world, instead of being too soft and only hurting yourself.

No one gets through their twenties easily. If you are wronged at work, endure it; if you encounter trouble in life, find a way to solve it; if there is confusion and loneliness on the way of growing up, endure it. ——These are all things you have to go through.

So, allow yourself to make mistakes, allow yourself to mess up some things, accept that you are in and will be in a state of confusion for a long time, accept that you are temporarily poor and ordinary, and then with a strong heart, do not be afraid of failure. Go forward.


If you attribute your confusion to age and expect to solve the problem after you are twenty years old, then congratulations, when you are thirty, You will also be confused. In the final analysis, if you don't think of a solution, confusion will always exist.

In your twenties, how do you feel about the transition from school toSociety is so difficult. When others are looking for jobs and working hard, you try to relax and go home to grow old, or you find a job with a very low salary but a very relaxing job, hang out for a few hours every day, go home, watch TV series, and play games. Playing games makes life very comfortable. Even if you occasionally feel confused and feel that this kind of life is boring, you will comfort yourself and say, "It will be fine in a few years."

A few years later, when your classmates and friends are all prospering in the workplace, you will still be you. You will envy them and want to try it. But the fact is that when you join the society again, the bad habits you escaped when you just graduated a few years ago will be returned to you with greater intensity.

You must take every detour in life.

You think that growing older can take away your confusion, but in fact, no one or thing can really take away your confusion except yourself.

For confusion, you have to break through instead of waiting. If you feel that the road ahead is long, then try more and see if you can find a way out; if you don’t know which path to choose, then go for the one you want to choose the most and stick to it; do you think your current life It’s so hard, and I feel like I can’t hold on any longer, so try to take a few more steps before giving up.


Many times, the main reason why young people in their twenties are confused is that they focus too much on others. But frankly speaking, it has nothing to do with you that others are earning five figures a month just after graduation, others are starting companies, others are their own bosses, and others are living like a movie every day.

Of course you need to be motivated, but there is no need to let your ambition become a burden and pressure for you to move forward.

Like my college roommates and I, the four of us are in different cities and have our own choices. They seldom say that they envy me for my good development, because they understand better than any bystander what kind of pressure I bear: it is normal to stay up until two or three o'clock before going to bed, and I have to read and write after work every day, and I am alone. Outside, I feel lonely when I get home from work. Sometimes I even want to go to the movies and have dinner without being able to meet my friends...

And I also admire my roommate's courage to go to Xiamen alone for love, but I I also know that I can’t make such a big bet for a love that I don’t know where the future will be;

I also envy the roommate who gets off work on time at five o’clock every day, but I know that such a life It's not what I want...

Other people's choices may seem good, but they may not be suitable for you; other people's lives are good, but that is not a reason for you to be anxious and confused. Everyone has their own way of life, it doesn't matter whether it's good or bad, that's all.

More importantly, life is rarely perfect. While we enjoy the good things our choices bring, we must also accept the shortcomings.

I know it’s hard not to envy others at all, but there is no fixed life template in your twenties. You really don’t have to be too envious of other people’s lives.

In your twenties, confusion is the norm, but it is also dynamic and changeable. You just have to accept yourselfMake your own choice and stick to it. As long as you are willing to work hard to make changes, those situations that make you miserable will gradually get better.

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