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Life is not as difficult as you think

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A few days ago, I took a train home from Beijing to visit my parents. On the way home, there were all kinds of noisy sounds and long, narrow and crowded aisles. I sat in my seat and looked at the scenery passing by outside the window, but I no longer think about "how long will it take..." A few days ago, I took a train from Beijing to visit my parents. On the way home, there were all kinds of noisy sounds and long, narrow and crowded aisles. I sat in my seat and looked at the scenery passing by outside the window, but I no longer thought about "how long it will take to get home."

This reminded me of the first time I came to Beijing from my hometown alone. It’s the same journey, taking the same train, but because it’s the first time, I’m nervous and surprised. I don’t know anything about the road ahead. I don’t know how long it will take to get there, and I don’t know what kind of scenery I will see. So I feel That journey took a long, long time.

Slowly we found that the return journey was much shorter than when we went there. Because we have experienced it, we know it well. The same is true in life, there are things you think you can’t do After going through the things you have experienced and the difficulties you thought you could not overcome, you will find that everything is not as complicated as you thought.

- Part 1 -

< p>I started working part-time in September. I have to switch between two roles every day. One is a student who doesn’t need to think too much and listens to the class well. The other is a worker who has to take responsibility and work hard. Yes. For a while, I was confused by such complicated and unavoidable things, and I was in a bad mood.

I even doubted whether I had done something beneficial and correct for myself, because life is far away. It’s more complicated than I thought. I have to understand everything the teacher says and hand in my homework on time. I also have to complete the work assigned to me by my boss with quality and quantity.

In the workplace Newcomers may get temporary care from their seniors and bosses, but if they want to develop, they must make up for their shortcomings and be omnipotent. I have never studied finance, but if there are relevant things at work, I will check all relevant information. Keep the knowledge in a notebook, and read it when you don’t understand it. If I don’t understand the law, I’ll go to a classmate who studies the law to make up for my legal knowledge.

So those messy things are a little bit clearer It's not because of how capable I am or how smart I am that I can solve it bit by bit. Those things that stump you must eventually be overcome by yourself in order to find a breakthrough.

A few months later Now, I have become more and more accustomed to this kind of life. The amount of study is still increasing, and things at work have not become easier. I just do it over and over again to adapt, and finally become the master of my own life. I am still afraid because the road ahead is unknown.

- Part 2 -

A friend of mine is a graduate of Italian major and is now working as a translator. In the past, we would talk to each other when she spoke. We laughed at her loud tongue. We teased her when she was learning a small language. In the future, foreigners will probably be devastated when they hear the pronunciation of her big tongue. But now she has a lot of money.With a high salary, I often travel around the world and live a very prosperous life.

She said that when she first learned a language, she was always afraid of falling behind because of her stupid mouth, so she practiced pronunciation with a mouthful of water in her mouth every day, over and over again, until she completely mastered it.

It is rare for anyone to say that their life has been smooth, and few people say that they are so strong that they are indestructible. We have been teased by seemingly funny things in life, and also tortured by difficulties that we feel we can never overcome. But the way to overcome shadows and difficulties is actually to face them constantly and without escaping. Repeat it once or twice, and when it reaches a hundred times, you will feel that it is nothing.

- Part 3 -

Human beings are all such creatures. They will be vulnerable periodically. They will doubt whether they can survive this period, and will pessimistically feel that they are not suitable for now. I even thought that I couldn't do it anyway, so I just gave up. But after I get through it, I will get better, and I will become more and more tenacious and fearless.

You must have had this experience in your life. You feel that you are doing something that is simply impossible; you feel that you have given 100% of your efforts and are on the verge of collapse; you even I wonder why after so long, life still hasn’t improved at all. The road ahead is really difficult.

Just grit your teeth and persevere for a while longer, and give yourself another chance. Many times in life, there are many sad and helpless moments, and you have to go through them yourself and carry out self-comfort and redemption.

Time is pushing us forward, and it is difficult for things to change as we wish. We must be firm in our inner thoughts and continue to fight for them. We must not change the established rhythm due to the torrent of the outside world, nor be underestimated because of other people's opinions. It is something that every adult must gradually learn.

Stop asking stupidly, "When will life get better?" As you gradually get better, life will naturally get better.

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