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All those who leave their hometowns are for the sake of returning home with honor.

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On the bus home from get off work, the girl sitting next to me wore headphones to video chat with her family. There were not many people on the bus at ten o'clock in the evening. The girl's laughter echoed in the carriage, and I heard Before the video, she said: "I...

On the bus home from work, the girl sitting next to me wore headphones and videotaped with her family. There was no one on the bus at ten o'clock in the evening. There were many people, and the girl's laughter echoed in the carriage. I heard her say before hanging up the video: "I'm going to be there soon. Please open the door for me later." " And I clicked on the countdown software on my phone, and the screen showed: There are still 29 days until I go home.

I forgot when it started. I am used to searching for it when I have nothing to do. I search for my ticket to go home and take a look at the daily temperature at home. Although I occasionally laugh at myself, I know that this will not make the day of returning home faster, but I am still used to doing it. I can’t help it, it’s so far away from where I am now. My home is more than a thousand kilometers away, and it also contains too many memories and concerns.

Not long ago, I left home for work and went to a new city. The food was not to my taste, and the people were completely unfamiliar. The route, the weather that is difficult to adapt to, and the people walking next to me all speak with accents that I have never heard of. In fact, there are many things that I am not used to. I am worried that I will not be able to adapt to this current circle. I am afraid that this city will not be easy to adapt to. I am afraid that a completely new life will be too cruel to me.

But I hope to reach my ideal height. I hope that this journey will finally get the meaning I expected. I hope The day I returned home was a return to my hometown with honor rather than a forced surrender, so I endured and persevered.

The space in the subway during the morning rush hour is so narrow that it makes people feel suffocated. Standing not far from the door, it is easy to be squeezed out; I spend three hours every day on the way to the company and the rental house. When everyone is still posting selfies wearing sweaters in the circle of friends, I Walking through the streets of a distant city, it’s so cold that you just want to put your hands in your pockets; when you get off work early, you can go back early to rest, but if you return to the rental house too early, you will inevitably feel empty.

Lonely? Lonely. Is it hard? Hard work. Do you miss home? Yes. But I think everyone who has left their hometown knows clearly that solving all problems by themselves is a must-have ability for people like us. At this time, what we have to learn is not only to adapt to the new environment, but also to learn to live a life that is difficult to endure, and to turn a helpless self into a strong self.

After leaving home, we must I didn’t dare to expect too much from many things at first. Because I was experiencing the hardships of life, because I didn’t know where the next problem was waiting for me to deal with, and because I knew in my heart that the friends who had been with me were now only a phone call away. Comfort me from a distance for a while, so simple things like being able to sit down on the subway and have a hot dinner when I get home from work are enough to make me happy for a long time.

In fact, sometimes I do tooI can't help but doubt whether my choice is correct, I will also doubt my own value, and I will also be afraid that in the end I will not get the results I want at all.

But when I think about every phone call with my parents, I think about the relief they felt after receiving the salary and sending the money home, I think about the many wishes in my heart that have not been realized, and that they have not yet become something more. Good for myself, the courage to stand firm has returned.

The reason why people are willing to persist in something even if it is hard, there must be a reason behind it that supports us to do so. It is undeniable that sometimes none of us are exempt from common mistakes. We just want to be the pride of our parents, we want to stand out among many peers, and we just want to prove to everyone through our own efforts: In fact, I can do it.

There is a saying: "Desire is the driving force of life." When I am among many people who are better and harder working than me, when I realize my own insignificance, when I find that walking out is I will really see a broader world, and I also want to become better. I also know that I actually made the right choice.

Then I began to believe that it is not that life is too hard, but that we ourselves are too fragile. But I think you must be as convinced as me that one day we will go home with our excellent and strong selves.

Wear more clothes when the weather is cold, take medicine when you are sick, and try to rest as early as possible at night so that you can have enough energy the next day. You have to know that this is basic common sense. When you are alone outside, you only have yourself. Take good care of yourself. In addition, adapt to living alone outside as soon as possible. Don't miss home too much, but don't forget that no matter what happens, you still have home.

I hope you can really live like what you say to your parents every time you call: "Don't worry, I'm here, everything is fine."

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