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Stop embarrassing yourself

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When you are in a bad mood, listen to less sad songs. When you are hungry, find food by yourself. If you are afraid of the dark, turn on the light. If you want, just make money and buy it. Even if life gives you all kinds of obstacles, there is no need to be pretentious. It’s not easy to magnify yourself. What cannot be changed...

When you are in a bad mood, listen to less sad songs, find food by yourself when you are hungry, turn on the light if you are afraid of the dark, and make money to buy what you want, even if life gives you Even if you obstruct me in every possible way, there is no need to magnify your difficulties with pretentiousness.

Don’t care too much about things that can’t be changed. Try to learn to give up if you can’t keep people. Try your best to heal yourself when your heart is hurt. Except for life and death, it’s all trivial. Don’t embarrass yourself.

I once saw this post on Zhihu: Tell me about the moment that made you feel the most hopeless?

The answers below the post are all kinds of things. Some people said that when I took a private training class and was tortured to pieces by the coach; others said that when I broke up with my boyfriend who had been in love for five years; still others said, I raised my children by myself, and there were many times when I was hopeless.

One of the answers has left a deep impression on me to this day. He said:

Seeing my dearest person struggling in the hospital bed but unable to do anything, he left with pain, and I miss him deeply. alive.

It was also during that time that I understood a truth: except life and death, everything else is trivial. So I learned not to embarrass myself and cherish the people around me more.

"Except life and death, everything else is trivial." This sentence impressed me deeply.

I saw an audience member backstage two days ago saying:

I never thought that my parents would leave me, because I felt as if they were still I was very young and still had a lot of time. I never thought about it, nor did I dare to think about how I should face death.

Until one day my mother suddenly suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. The doctor told me that she might not be able to survive. Listening to my father on the other end of the phone crying bitterly, I felt full of anxiety.

My father, who has always been strong, could not hide the pain in his heart when faced with the possibility that his partner would be separated forever. However, what I was once afraid of happened eventually happened, but when it came, I couldn’t help but feel sad. Much calmer than expected.

I want to live well in the future, I feel as if I have been dead for a long, long time.

This is what my mother said to me after she miraculously recovered from her illness.

That was also the first time I felt strongly that "except life and death, everything is trivial." Since then, I have had a deep sense of awe for life.

I don’t know why, but I was deeply touched when I saw this little story.

I have always felt that I am a cheerful little girl, and it is too early to talk about life and death. But as I grow older, due to the gifts of time, I gradually realize that death is something that everyone has. You must learn to face the issue, whether it is yourself or the relatives and friends around you, it is not about fear, it is only about sooner or later.

Facing the pain of separation from loved ones, you don’t have to pretend to be strong, you can be sad, you can cry in public, and you can ignore other people’s strange eyes to prove that you are not fearless and indifferent.

Just remember that after you cry, you must learn to accept the growth that time has brought to you, and live your future with a sense of cherishment and respect.

I often hear lovelorn people say: "I can't live without you, I just want to die."

Many listeners have told me the same thing, several A few months ago, an audience member backstage told me that she had just ended a 12-year relationship. The man who once said that he would stay with her for the rest of her life, regardless of whether she could have children, suddenly broke his promise when she reached the age of marriage.

After 12 years of companionship, I finally got the sentence "I'm sorry, I need to carry on the family lineage, you have to be considerate of me."

This was undoubtedly a fatal blow to her. After the breakup, she quit her job and stayed at home, stopped eating or drinking, and even attempted suicide.

Later, she moved to live with her best friend for three months. Her best friend listened to her and accompanied her to eat, go shopping, and travel. Slowly, her life returned to normal.

On the day she moved out, she told her best friend that in fact, nothing and no one is worth giving up your life, because you are not you, you still have friends, and you still have family. , you and yourself.

Yes, humans are creatures with seven emotions and six desires. It is easy to become depressed in an instant because of some trivial things:

If you fall when you go out, you will Complaining endlessly ruins the good mood of the day; your boss gives you more tasks, and you feel targeted. You have less money and more to do, and you are full of hostility; even your phone only has 10% of the battery left, and you find that you don’t have a power bank. , will feel uneasy and blame themselves for not having a long memory.

But have you discovered that people are also very easy to be satisfied. A sentence of "Good morning, good night", a look, and a movement can make you happy all day long.

So, there is no need to get too hung up on the little troubles in front of us. After all, there are many things that can make us happy, and they may appear in the next second.

Life is not perfect, but that does not mean it is not beautiful.

In the journey of life, know yourself whether you are warm or not, do the things in front of you, cherish the people around you, walk the right path, cry when you should, laugh when you should.

As long as you are alive, wash your face carefully every day, read more and stay up less late, cultivate both internal and external health, continue to be kind and loving.

Time will make you grow up to the point where you will no longer be pretentious in front of others, no longer talk around for comfort, but learn to digest yourself, move forward with a smile, keep the good things in your heart, and regrets. Everything is blown away by the wind, isn't it?

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