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See your dreams clearly, time will give you the answer

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1 I still remember that when I graduated, I was rejected in an important interview. The problem lies in career planning. The interviewer asked me a very common question, what are my career plans for the next few years? So, I frankly...


I still remember that when I graduated, I was rejected in an important interview.

The problem lies in career planning. The interviewer asked me a very common question, what are my career plans for the next few years? So, I answered frankly that at present I am very interested in your company's planning and marketing. When I have enough ability and savings in the future, I hope to do something I like, such as creating.

The senior who interviewed me was also a very candid person: Our company’s daily work is very intense and may be very busy, leaving you with no time to think about writing. What should you do?

I said: It doesn’t matter. I believe I can arrange my time and make a reasonable plan between work and creation.

Actually, when I say this, I feel guilty. Indeed, as a young man who has just graduated, I am not afraid of working hard and often working overtime, but I still have beautiful illusions about life and hope that I can have my own time to do the things I like every day. I think I can coordinate my work and interests, but I'm not too sure.

Senior said: The business involved in our company and your interests are two fields that have no intersection. You can only put 70% of your energy on work, while most people will Give 100% energy, who do you think is easier to do a good job?

So, the interviewer rejected me in person. However, before leaving, this senior said a few words to me, which I still remember deeply:

Young man, you must think clearly about what kind of person you want to be. What kind of life do you want to have when you are thirty? What you have to do now is to devote 100% of your efforts and energy to your goals, rather than doing some useless work. Sometimes in a person's life, he can only really do one thing well.

I had just graduated and had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was reflecting on the interviewer’s sincere words, and on the other hand, I was more certain about my dreams and goals. There is a long road ahead, and I keep reminding myself: no matter which path one chooses in one’s life, one must go one step at a time.


Later, a friend told me about a girl she met in Japanese class. Her undergraduate degree was from a third-party school, and her family conditions were not good. She earned her living expenses and daily expenses by working part-time. This also means that if she chooses to take the postgraduate entrance examination, she will face greater pressure than ordinary students - she does not have extra money to enroll in tutoring classes, nor does she have money to buy a lot of review materials.

But she still joined the postgraduate entrance examination without hesitation. She said that she wanted to give herself a broader development platform, meet better people, and learn more knowledge. She didn’t want to be a frog in the well anymore. She wanted to Want a better life.

Her thoughtsFa rarely talks to people. She just pursues her goals wholeheartedly and then creates more methods and paths to realize her wishes. In short, the result was that she was admitted to her ideal school and became a doctoral candidate three years later.

She did one thing well with her own efforts and persistence, and in the process, she did not escape or complain. She always pursued her goal persistently and walked step by step. She never gave up hope, so ultimately hope didn't give up on her either.

Later she said, if you choose a path that you are willing to fight for, it is where your heart is. For the rest, you just need to believe that you can persevere and take this path well, and then work hard silently. Even if you regrettably fail to meet your expectations in the end, you will not gain anything. At least in the process of hard work, you will be more certain about what kind of life you want. You are no longer standing still, and you are no longer confused and ignorant. . In life, if you don’t advance, you will retreat.


So, those of you who are still working hard, when you have an unwavering goal, there will inevitably be a period of silence. During that time, you put in a lot of effort, endured all the loneliness and grievances, and never complained or gave up. When you think of it in the future, even you will be particularly missed and moved.

Finally, I would like to share a sentence that I like:

“If you have something you really want to do, difficulties like thousands of troops cannot stop you. Likewise, if you If you don't want to do something, you will find thousands of excuses to avoid it." Once you have determined the path you want to take, put aside irrelevant thoughts and devote all your efforts to it. . After all, there is a saying that goes well, the so-called dream is never-ending madness.

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