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One more step forward, and you'll find the other side you want.

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1 I recall that in the early spring of last year, I took a train to Beijing and accepted an internship interview in a building erected in the countryside of the Southeast Fifth Ring Road. The entire interview lasted from noon to afternoon, and it ended in less than ten minutes when I got here. When I came out...


I remembered that in the early spring of last year, I took a train to Beijing and accepted an internship interview in a building erected in the countryside of the Southeast Fifth Ring Road.

The entire interview lasted from noon to afternoon. When I got here, it ended in less than ten minutes. When I came out, it started to get cold outside, but I was feeling hot from the inside out. I turned around and asked the receptionist: Is it okay to go back and wait for notification? He smiled as ever and said to me: Come on.

When you walk out of the door, every step you take, your heart sinks once, and then you step out if you are unwilling to do so: Is this a failure? Do you want to return in vain like this? Is there really nothing you can do? The subway is at the diagonal corner of the road, but I can't get past it.

The green light flashed before my eyes. I turned back to the building and pressed hard on the elevator floor where the interview room was located. The interviewer saw me and asked why I hadn’t left yet. I took a deep breath and said: I want to try again.

In this way, we had three interviews in a row. Two days later, I received the acceptance call. Later, when I talked about this with a senior, he laughed loudly: You only have the energy in you to do such a thing.

Yes, when I look back and think about it, I mustered up all my strength and forced myself to the point where I had no way out, and then finally turned forward. Many times, in fact, the gap between people is not as big as imagined. Whether it is success or failure, the difference may be that time of not looking back.

One step further is the other side.


Time flies, the half-year internship is over, and I begin to officially look for a job. A crop of "leeks", it's time for the final harvest.

In the small team that fought side by side, Xiaobei was regarded as a great god by us. He got a precious admission ticket in the recruitment registration of a company that we all yearned for but the competition was fierce. While we were running around for interviews, Xiaobei stayed calm and patient, spending time in the library preparing for the written exam. Finally lived up to expectations, stood out from the crowd, and entered the final interview session.

On the day of the interview, it snowed heavily in Beijing. Xiaobei miscalculated the time it would take on the road. Less than 500 meters away from the destination, he received a call: Classmate, you don’t need to come.

Xiaobei did not arrive at the examination room after all. Beijing is very big, and the road after snow is endless.

For a long time, Xiaobei was unwilling to talk to anyone. A long time later, during a night conversation, he said a lot to me, and one sentence left a particularly deep impression on me: I don’t dare to have any more luck. That luck helped others reach the other side, but pushed me back to the starting point from just one step away. .

This is a sad story, but it ends with realization. In this journey of life, you can stop and look around anytime and anywhere, but the fact is that a slack on your part can become an opportunity for others in the blink of an eye..


Not long after, I received an admission notice from a favorite company to become a writer. In the vastness of Beijing, we finally have a place to stay. After a whole year of tossing, this time, I became practical and calm.

Before leaving, grandpa said: "Selected from thousands of people, how many young people can have such an opportunity? Cherish it and work hard."

Looking back on the year when I was looking for a job, I was always on the road to self-cultivation, and I was always running in the competition with many opponents. I know that if I relax even once, I probably won’t be the one to qualify in the end.

Once, a junior student asked me hurriedly, what should I do if I missed the first interview with a company? I was quite surprised. I heard that he already had several offers, so why would he care about an interview? So, I couldn't help but ask him: Is this company you particularly want to go to? He replied to me several times with "Hmm" in succession.

I found out for him that interviews with this company started early the next morning in another city, so I encouraged him to give it a try and not have any regrets.

Later, in WeChat, he said: I got up at around 4 o'clock in the morning and caught the earliest train, but in the end I still failed. However, I will always remember the feeling of fighting hard.

When we are young, we will inevitably have to face the survival of the fittest in society. We must either stand up and make a starting pose, be full of energy, work hard to move forward, and then move forward to meet the other side; or we can take a leisurely stroll and wait. Others pass you one by one and push you away.


A few days ago, I had dinner with my colleagues. I told them that when I was looking for a job, I used my mobile phone to connect to the Internet hotspot on the train and answered questions on the computer until the lights were turned off. those experiences.

A colleague asked me how I could remember that experience so clearly. I grinned, maybe because those days of fighting against myself are unforgettable.

I often wonder: If I hadn’t turned forward that time, without that persistence, where would I be now?

Just like there is always a ranking in a race, we will eventually find our destination at a stage. But every time you move forward, you will reach a higher position and see more beautiful scenery.

One step forward is the other side; one more step forward is the other side you want. However, many people stop abruptly on their way to "moving forward".

There will indeed be winners and losers in a competition, but it is advisable to take a broad view. In the longer term, the other side is relative, and more and more people will participate in this event. Therefore, working hard without reservation is what you should do.

Always ask yourself, can I take another step forward?

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