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Either fight for your life or accept your fate

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Are you in such a situation now? You want to have better abilities, a better life, and a better future, but you always have no self-control. You feel sleepy after reading two pages of a book. The promised plans are always put off again and again, thinking about tomorrow...

Are you in such a situation now, wanting to have better abilities, a better life, and a better life? I have a good future, but I always have no self-control. I feel sleepy after reading two pages of a book. I always put off the plans I made and think about how to implement them tomorrow. If there is anything wrong, I always say that I will pay attention to it next time. .

You said that you are not willing to be a waste but have no ability to get ahead; you said that you are really confused, but you don’t know what to do.

In fact, there are countless ways of life in this world.

Some people work overtime until early in the morning every day, and take the time to build up vocabulary while squeezing on the subway;

Some people stay in small cities and earn two to three thousand a month. I feel that life is also very complete;

There is no right or wrong in these two lifestyles, it’s just because everyone’s pursuit is different.

Those who see clearly and move forward without stopping will not be confused;

Those who are content to be old people and don't care about others' doubts and ridicules will not be confused either.

Confused people are those who do not want to accept their fate and are not willing to fight for their lives.

Perhaps they are doing an ordinary job in an ordinary company, doing the work so-so and getting by.

They laugh at those who keep moving forward, thinking they are all fools;

They also look down on those who covet comfort, thinking they have no dreams;

< p>They kept changing their goals and thought of many ways to make money, but in the end they gave up one by one with many reasons and excuses.

Do you know what is the most terrifying thing in the world?

That is, you have clearly chosen a life that does not require hard work, but you blame the world every day for being unfair to you, blame yourself for not joining a rich second-generation family, and feel that others are not as successful as you. It's all because of a moment of luck and the fantasy that one day I can become a master.

I know that everyone will be confused, and that is because you have never really looked inside yourself, and you have never thought about what kind of life you want to live.

I can’t plan your life for you, but I hope you will either have the ability to get ahead or have the courage to be a good-for-nothing, okay?

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