The touch that makes a man's heart throb

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Warm physical contact is a signal of love, and a woman's active touch will make a man's heart flutter. But if you want to capture a man's heart, you must also be careful about your lover's physical contact. When the relationship between two people is at different stages, good results will be achieved if the parts and methods of physical contact are different.

When expressing like, you can use 6 One way:

Hug. At this time, you are already familiar with the relationship of "more than friends but not enough lovers". If you want to express your appreciation and love for him directly, the best way is to give him a hug. It's best to choose an appropriate opportunity, such as celebrating his achievement or thanking him for being there. Stay close to him and put your arms around his back. It's best to turn your face to the side so that you won't be embarrassed by being face to face with him. Just hug him and let him go.

Hold the shoulders. A man's broad shoulders reflect bravery and responsibility. Touching his shoulders can show that you care about him. When you sit side by side with him or stand across from him, reach out a hand, pat his shoulder, and give him a gentle squeeze. It only takes 1 second to hold the shoulder, and the palm does not need to linger. When he is frustrated, a squeeze on the shoulder tells him that everything will be fine. Shake the shoulder as usual to show that you are happy to see him.

Hold your elbow. When standing in front of a man, extend your hand and gently squeeze his elbow to express your affection for him. The elbow is actually an invisible private area. It is exposed, but we rarely let others touch it. If you touch another person's elbow, it will not only break the communication barrier, but also guide more contacts.

Clap your hands. You can pat the back of his hand intentionally or unintentionally. This action will not be too intimate, but it will definitely let him know that he has a special place in your heart. Don't hold his hand at this time, and don't keep your hands in contact for too long. It's better to keep it ambiguous.

A pat on the back. When you meet or say goodbye, you can pat him on the back. This is a virtual hug gesture, which is friendly and will not cause embarrassment.

Link arms. When walking side by side with him, wrap an arm around his side and rest it on his back. This action can show that your relationship is "iron", but the distance and angle need to be adjusted to avoid making him feel awkward.

There are 6 ways to flirt with him:

Kiss on the face. You have known each other for a while and have established a close relationship. Kissing him on the face when meeting, saying goodbye, or on other appropriate occasions can make his heart flutter without losing elegance. If you are at work or study, this action should be restrained; if you are attending a party together, you can "pop one" at any time. Just give him a light kiss on the face, but don't go overboard.

Kick under the table. You are sitting at the same table, and if something he says makes you laugh or arouses ambiguous associations in you, you can stretch out a foot and kick him gently under the table. This kind of quiet little action is mysterious and can convey emotions. To take it a step further, you can put a hand on his leg to "rest."

Touch your hair. This action is a bit presumptuous, so don’t do it more often. It’s best to choose the right moment. For example, if he has just had his hair cut, you can touch his head and tease him; or if his hair style is a little messy, you can take this opportunity to play with his hair. Make sure he likes it; not every man wants his hair touched.

Knee-touch. When sitting at the same table, move the chair forward so that your knees are very close. If his legs move forward a little, the four knees will touch. Or you can take the initiative to move forward a little further, with one knee on the outside of his leg and the other knee between his legs. She leaned in his direction to let him feel something.

Touch your face. For example, if one of his eyelashes falls down, you can help him tidy it up; or if he has a grain of rice on his face, you can help him wipe it off. The movements should be gentle, and your fingers can stay on his face for a moment to let him feel your intimacy. Men like it when a woman’s hands touch their face, it’s gentle and comfortable.

Fingers intertwined. To get closer, when walking together or sitting and chatting, you can hold his hand and interlock your fingers with him. When you sit across the table from each other, you can put your hands under the table and hold each other's hands. Give it a squeeze now and then to keep the flirtatious temperature up. But ask for his opinion in public to avoid embarrassing him, unless you already know each other.

There are four ways to arouse lust:

Hug from behind. Stand behind him, wrap your hands around his abdomen, hug him from behind, and keep your bodies close together. You can put your face against the back of his neck, let him feel your breathing, and let his back feel the rise and fall of your breasts. Kiss the nape of his neck and surrounding areas. After a moment, he will turn around and kiss you.

Caress the back of the head. When kissing face to face, or sitting together to talk love, you can put one hand around his body and touch the back of his head. You can insert your fingers into his hairline and knead the skin on the back of his head.

Touch the ears. The area behind a man's ears is a sensitive area. Whether you touch him with your fingers or kiss him with your lips, stimulation can be transmitted from behind his ears along the spine to his lower body. Move your lips forward and kiss his auricle and earlobe. Next, put the tip of your tongue slightly into his ear hole and swim inside it a few times. The movements should be very gentle, and he will be so beautiful that his whole body becomes soft.

Touch feet. After taking a bath, give him a foot massage, pinch his toes along the joints, massage around them, and take care of all sides. The fingertips lightly touched the soles of his feet, tugging at his heartstrings. Then you can further touch and kiss his other parts to arouse his passion.

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