What are the tests done in the men's department?

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Weng, Administrative Committee of the Reproductive Andrology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

Many men avoid going to the andrology department when they encounter problems because they heard that some examinations are "embarrassing" or even "scary". There are also various rumors about andrology. So what examinations are generally required in men's departments, and how are they done?

External genital physical examination. Andrologists will generally palpate parts of the patient's body based on the symptoms described by the patient during consultation, trying to find the body's pathological reactions and eliminate interfering diseases to provide a basis for clinical diagnosis. During the external genital examination, male patients need to remove their pants to their knees and completely expose their external genitalia. The doctor will first make a preliminary assessment of the development of the patient's external genitalia and foreskin through visual observation. Then, based on the needs of diagnosis, he will conduct a physical examination, such as using his hands to check whether the foreskin can be everted, touch the presence, size and number of the testicles and epididymis, and evaluate the condition. Whether the varicocele is varicose. When testing testicular elasticity and epididymal fullness, the testicles or epididymis will be gently pressed, and the subject may feel soreness. If there is orchitis or acute epididymitis, the subject will feel obvious pain during the touch of the doctor's hand and refuse the touch of the doctor's hand. This kind of direct contact with the limbs is more conducive to the diagnosis of the disease. . During the consultation, if the doctor and the patient are of the opposite sex, a nurse or the patient's family member will generally be present when the private parts are examined.

Prostate massage examination. This test should be something many men will never forget. Prostate massage is a physical therapy method that promotes and improves the smoothness of prostate gland ducts through massage, promotes the discharge of glandular fluid, and relieves the symptoms of prostate diseases. The implementation method mainly uses anal digital examination. When performing prostate massage, the doctor inserts his fingers into the patient's anus, moves them forward, then touches the back wall of the prostate, with the central groove in the middle, and then massages the prostate tissue on both sides of the central groove respectively, pressing back and forth for 3~ from both sides of the gland to the center. 5 times, and then massage from top to bottom from the central groove, the prostatic fluid can be gradually discharged from the body along the urethra, reducing the symptoms of prostatitis and assisting in the treatment of prostatitis. However, it should be noted that acute prostatitis cannot be treated with prostate massage, and this method must be performed in a regular hospital and cannot be performed blindly on your own.

Reproductive tract swab examination. Reproductive tract swab examination is also very common in andrology, mainly checking for mycoplasma, chlamydia, gonococcus and other infections. During the examination, a swab (a small cotton stick as thick as a toothpick) will be inserted into the urethra for more than 1 to 2 cm. The patient may experience obvious burning and scratching sensations. The specific degree of discomfort is related to the patient's tolerance and the doctor's operation.

Andrology clinics are the place where most hidden diseases of men can be solved. Necessary physical examinations can assist in the diagnosis of diseases to a large extent. It is recommended that if you have male diseases, andSeek medical attention regularly and actively cooperate with the doctor for examination.

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