Men should pay attention to five points when "raising sperm"

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The ancients also attached great importance to sexual health. Men are yang and women are yin. Sexual intercourse between husband and wife is not only for passing on the family line, but proper intercourse can also balance the yin and yang of both parties, which is conducive to health and longevity. Yue Fujia, a medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, was not only good at treating diseases, but also attached great importance to sexual health and eugenics. He once wrote an article "Zed Bian", which talked about the way of sexual intercourse between men and women, and discussed how men gather and nourish their sperm. , and offers 5 tips for men.

1. Few desires. Western sexology believes that a man's sexual function can only be improved if it is used or lost, so having more frequent sex is beneficial to men's sexual function. Although traditional Chinese medicine also teaches that "men cannot live without women, and women cannot live without men," they believe that sexual life should not be too frequent, as excessive sexual activity will damage the essence and body. Some men believe that as long as they do not ejaculate, "rubbing a few times" will not harm their bodies. Yue Fujia has a negative attitude towards this. He said in the article: "The kidneys are the house of essence. Any intercourse (sexual intercourse) between men and women will disturb their kidneys." , when the kidneys move, the semen and blood will flow with it. Although there is no leakage outside, the semen has left the womb." In other words, holding back semen without ejaculation will not only fail to preserve semen, but may also cause other diseases over time. Therefore, in order to satisfy the sexual desire of both parties, men should first have few sexual desires, at least not too frequently.

2. Save labor. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that a man’s essence and blood are closely related. Yue Fujia said: "Essence is derived from blood. You should be careful about anything that damages the blood in daily use... If the mind is too busy thinking, the blood will be consumed by thinking. If I do it with restraint, the blood will be nourished, so it is valuable." Save work." Modern people are busy with work and life, and cannot do without mobile phones and computers every day. They spend more time looking, listening, sitting and thinking than the ancients. Although it seems "not moving", in fact, the body has accumulated a lot of fatigue, which is even more harmful to men's sperm. Therefore, men should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, balance work and life, reduce the use of mobile phones and computers, have more contact with nature, and truly relax and rest.

3. Quit anger. Anger is harmful to one's physical and mental health. Yue Fujia elaborated on the harm of anger from the perspective of men’s essence. He said in the article that the kidney is responsible for storing essence, and the liver is responsible for dispersing and releasing. The liver and kidneys both have "fire". Anger will damage the liver, so the kidneys must not close and store, secretly consuming kidney essence, so anger should be avoided. It is inevitable that there will be unsatisfactory things in life, but anger should be controlled. When you are angry, you can change the environment and listen to soothing music to relieve your emotions and prevent anger from harming your body.

4. Quit drunkenness. Wine is a fun drink in traditional culture, but there are also prescribed dosages, and excessive dosage can cause harm. Yue Fujia said: "The blood of the human body belongs to its own place. Alcohol is strong in nature and can stimulate the blood most. People with weak blood will be drunk all night, and their essence will be consumed with the alcohol, so it is advisable to quit drunkenness." Western medicine also believes that alcoholism will inhibit depression. The nerve center in charge of human body's sexual excitement damages men's sexual function. Therefore, when it comes to alcohol, don’t drink it if you can’t help it.

5. Taste carefully. Diet is also crucial to health and wellness. Through correct dietary therapy, men can increase their weight to a certain extent.Strong sexual function. Yue Fujia said: "If you are deficient in essence, you should make up for it with flavor. However, the strong flavor of roasting (barbecuing) cannot produce sperm." Eating too much barbecue food is easy to get angry and can cause cancer, so it is better to eat less. "Of all the things in the world, only grains have the right taste. If you can eat grains lightly and add a little flavor, you can best nourish your essence, so you should be careful about what you eat." There are many healthy diets in the world, including the famous Mediterranean diet, Japanese diet, etc. , all pay attention to adding less seasoning, and not overcooking, keeping the original flavor of the ingredients as much as possible, which is beneficial to people's health. As for foods that are good for kidney essence, Chinese medicine believes that black food enters the kidneys, so men can eat more black sesame seeds, black rice, black beans, and foods with the same source of medicine and food such as wolfberries and walnuts, which are beneficial to the maintenance of kidney essence.

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