"Lightweight weddings" are becoming popular

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In the marriage market, those born in the 1990s have become the main force in getting married. With the changes in social concepts, in recent years, young people's weddings have gradually transformed from the grand, formal, and single-minded weddings of the past to personalized, diversified, and lightweight weddings. There is no need to entertain dozens of tables in a high-end hotel, no need to call all relatives and friends to gather together, no need to bother relatives and friends in the neighborhood to work together... Nowadays, lawn weddings, camping weddings, party weddings and other "small but refined" "new and beautiful" "light" weddings Quantified” weddings are increasing. From lunches to dinners and parties, from hotel lawns to camping in the woods, although the scale is small, personality, creativity and warmth are reflected everywhere. Some wedding practitioners said that young people’s weddings are changing from concept to form, and from financial preparation to specific implementation, the burden is being “reduced”. Among the "Top Ten Keywords for China's Wedding Industry in 2022" released by relevant agencies, the first keyword is "lightweight wedding".

Many couples preparing for their wedding Newlyweds and newlyweds who have just held their wedding told the reporter of "Life Times" that light, delicate and low-key methods such as weekend weddings, lawn weddings and party weddings are more in line with the needs of the younger generation. Compared with traditional weddings, young people’s ideal weddings have several characteristics:

Personalization. Regardless of whether it is a traditional wedding or a lightweight wedding, several interviewees expressed that they hope that all wedding procedures will be selected or customized by themselves. "I will remove some links that do not meet my needs." Mr. Jiang, who is preparing to get married, told reporters that he plans to remove the traditional wedding link and reset some content that he feels comfortable and satisfied with.

Lightweight. "My wedding is the representative of 'lightweight'." Ms. Tang from Beijing said that her wedding did not include traditional gifts or hardware. She just hired a wedding company to hold a lawn wedding in her hometown of Guilin, and only invited close friends. Relatives and some very good friends, plus both parents, there are about 50 people in total. After the wedding, there was a party with a barbecue and games. "It's completely different from a traditional wedding, but I'm very satisfied with the effect." Ms. Tang said that such a wedding would not cost a lot and save worry and effort.

Focus on spiritual well-being. "If I had to choose again, I might get married while traveling." Ms. Gao, who had just held a traditional wedding in May, recalled that she chose a traditional wedding at that time. The whole process was very cumbersome and exhausted, and she had to prepare months in advance. The whole ceremony just moved me. Mr. Jiang also said that marriage is a matter between two people. As long as two people are happy and happy, the form does not matter.

“Lightweight weddings are a trend.” Zheng Li, a psychological consultant at the Mental Health Application Center of the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, told reporters that lightweight weddings reflectIt reflects some changes in the mentality of today’s young people.

The first is the change in the concept of marriage and love. In the past, "men should marry when they are young and girls should marry when they are young", and marriage was a necessary option in life. A wedding is not only a ceremony for the newlyweds, but also a symbol of the marriage between two families. Therefore, the wedding must be grand and grand, with betrothal gifts, invitations to all relatives and friends, and even all the leaders you know are invited to show off your personal connections. For many young people today, marriage is just one of their life choices, and its weight is not as heavy as it used to be. They believe that marriage is a reflection of two people's true feelings and a proof of beautiful love. They hope to get everyone's sincere blessings, do not want too much interruption, and do not need so many people to interfere. They want to find a few friends who sincerely wish them well. Relatives only need to participate in the wedding, which is one of the fundamental reasons why "lightweight weddings" are popular.

The second is the change of values. There is also an obvious trend among young people who choose lightweight weddings, that is, they don’t care about the bride price. After China's reform and opening up, there was a wave of money worship for a period of time. Many people believed that marriage requires various betrothal gifts, luxury cars and other material goods to ensure a happy marriage. But in recent years, people have discovered that after material wealth exceeds the baseline to a certain extent, it has no effect on promoting happiness. In the past, there were indeed cases where some newlyweds got divorced because they couldn't agree on the bride price. Young people gradually realize that material things are only one of the foundations of marriage, not all. They pay more attention to the quality of the marriage relationship and future happiness in life. This reflects that young people attach more importance to the spiritual aspect of marriage, which Zheng Li believes is a manifestation of the progress of social civilization. In addition, lightweight weddings also avoid waste and other undesirable phenomena caused by extravagant weddings.

It is the couple’s freedom to choose the wedding format, but in actual practice, there may be some conflicts between young people and their parents on the concept of marriage. Most parents still hope to have a larger and more formal wedding, but young people want everything to be simple, which may cause a lot of conflicts. Many couples even hold two weddings: one in the city and a small wedding of their choice. Wedding; another traditional wedding that parents like and invite many relatives and friends to attend. "This is caused by differences in marriage concepts. It is understandable and I hope that the two generations can understand each other." Zheng Li finally said.

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