There are three high-risk periods for "can't stand up"

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Weng, Department of Reproductive Andrology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

“The inability to stand up” is a pain for many men. Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual dysfunction in men, which refers to the inability of the penis to continuously achieve and/or maintain an erection sufficient to complete a satisfactory sexual life. It is characterized by the inability to achieve an erection under sexual stimulation, the erection is not strong enough, and the erection can be achieved but does not last for a short time. This type of disease can occur in adult men of different ages. Clinically, we have observed that "not lifting" has three high-risk periods:

The first experience of love. When men taste forbidden fruit for the first time, due to lack of sexual knowledge, immature sexual psychology, insufficient sexual experience, or worry about poor performance, especially men with a history of frequent masturbation in the past, it is easy for them to have erection difficulties or excessive ejaculation during their first sexual intercourse. quick. For men in similar situations, it is recommended that: 1. First read professional popular science books about gender, and you can also learn about gender knowledge through some adult movies, increase your knowledge base on sexual health and sexual physiology, avoid knowledge blind spots, and especially enhance your understanding of female physiological structure. Understand; 2. Communicate more with your partner to avoid women’s misunderstanding of their sexual impotence; 3. It is best to arrange the first experience in an environment free from interruptions, you can meet in a hotel, and avoid places that will bring psychological burden. Don't be too anxious before starting. Play some soft music to relieve tension and anxiety.

The seven-year itch. The Seven Year Itch first appeared in the American movie "The Seven Year Itch" released in 1955. After that, four similar works were released in China, telling the emotional changes and entanglements between couples of different ages. So far, "The Seven Year Itch, the Pain of Ten Years" Deeply rooted in people's hearts means that love will enter a dangerous period after 7 years. As couples spend more and more time together, they gradually develop aesthetic fatigue, lack of freshness, and reduced visual stimulation, which will affect male sexual arousal. At the same time, work and family chores, especially children's education, relationship problems between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, etc., can also easily cause problems in the relationship between husband and wife. These situations are bound to affect the couple's emotions, reduce women's initiative requirements, and reduce men's sexual interest, which is a big blow to men's erections. The most obvious manifestation is that couples begin to sleep in separate beds. Even if they occasionally have sexual impulses and want to be intimate, they may not get through it because of poor erection.

Men at this stage have relatively fewer active erections, so they need to provide appropriate passive stimulation, such as using sex toys, watching porn, etc. Middle-aged men should also pay attention to health management. At this time, physical fitness begins to decline and various metabolic diseases occur. Adequate sleep and moderate exercise can maintain male virility. Also, it is more important to handle the relationship between husband and wife. It is recommended that the two people create more conditions to enjoy the world of two people and promote the relationship to warm up; try not to sleep in separate beds; both parties should be tolerant and understanding of each other, and face work and family affairs together.; During sex, a wife who takes the initiative can make it easier for men to enter the state.

Male menopause. Men also have menopause. The span is relatively large, usually occurring between the ages of 40 and 55, and some cases occurring earlier can occur between the ages of 35 and 75. During this stage, men’s androgens decline and a series of changes occur in their physical and mental states, leading to menopausal symptoms. It manifests as depressed mood and decreased energy; metabolic syndrome such as fat accumulation, abnormal glucose and lipid metabolism; increased bone fragility, obesity, and reduced muscle mass; decreased sexual desire and sexual function, and the most obvious is erectile dysfunction.

If a man self-aware of menopausal-like symptoms, it is recommended to take good health management, regular work and rest, appropriate exercise, and healthy diet. You can also download the "Aging Male Symptoms Scale" (AMS scale) online for preliminary screening. Some studies have reported that the sensitivity and specificity of this scale exceed 70%, which can help determine whether you are menopausal. If conditions permit, you can go to the nearest hospital to inquire. Once diagnosed, active treatment is recommended. Note, remember not to supplement androgens by yourself.

Male erections are affected by many factors, some of which can be adjusted on their own, and some of which require medical intervention. If the problem does not improve for a long time, it is crucial to proactively seek medical treatment and receive active treatment.

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