Stimulating the clitoris is the "main meal" of sex

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Thousands of nerves gathered here to gently twist and rub slowly to reach climax

Compiled by Sun Kaiyuan

After a passionate lingering, they went to the top of Wushan Mountain together, which is what all lovers pursue The ultimate pleasure. But in fact, it is rare for couples to "orgasm together", and women have much fewer orgasms than men. This phenomenon is called the "male-male orgasm gap" and has been documented and studied by academic circles for more than 20 years.

Previously, a study by Chapman University in the United States involving more than 50,000 people reported that 95% of men said they could always reach orgasm during intimacy, while only 65% ​​of women said this. . Some experts have analyzed that this may be due to differences in the physiological structure of men and women, which results in women having less orgasm experience. But psychologists from the University of Lisbon in Portugal found that it is not "natural" for women to have fewer orgasms, because 92% of them always reach orgasm when they masturbate alone. According to this calculation, nearly 30% of women cannot enjoy themselves during sex. One of the main reasons for this disparity is that women don't get the clitoral stimulation they need during sex.

In the female private parts, between the labia majora and majora Between them, it wraps the clitoris, which is almost the organ with the most nerve endings in women. Scientists have measured and found that there are nearly 10,000 nerves in the clitoris. They collectively pass through the vagina, and all the ends are gathered on the small clitoris head, which is only 2 centimeters. You can imagine its sensitivity. In fact, the clitoris is a woman’s “penis.” The two are homologues, developed from the same structures in the embryo, and both are filled with touch-sensitive nerves and erectile tissue. It’s just that the clitoris is so “low-key” that it’s difficult to attract attention.

In addition to being secretive, the fact that the clitoris is difficult to take care of during male-female love is also related to mainstream sexual culture. In the common sexual concept, intercourse between genitals is the core of "sexual behavior", and "sexual intercourse" is even considered to be "sexual intercourse", while stimulation of the clitoris is classified as "foreplay", which to a certain extent implies that "intercourse" is the main Yes, "clitoral stimulation" is secondary. As a result, the sexual life of couples often follows this process: foreplay-intercourse-male orgasm-end of sexual intercourse. In this model, men believe that long-term and vigorous sex will bring women orgasm. However, from women’s experience, this seems to be the wrong approach.

It is true that intercourse allows some women to achieve vaginal orgasm, but it does not apply to everyone, and almost 90% of women can achieve clitoral orgasm. Therefore, to improve women's experience in sexual intimacy, couples need to treat clitoral stimulation as a "meal" rather than an "appetizer." How to turn on the "sexual happiness" switch for women? You might as well learn from the following methods:

Find it. At the lower opening of the mons pubis, open the thick labia majora andBehind the folded labia minora, you can feel a bulge, which is the clitoris. It is generally about the size of a knuckle of your index finger. You can press it from multiple angles first. When you feel soreness or even the urge to urinate, it means you have hit a key excitement point.

Touch it. Although every woman likes it differently, gentle caressing with your hands is always the right thing to do. The man can pinch his wife's clitoris with his thumb and index finger and rub it gently, or rub it up and down between her labia, or caress it in a circular motion. Keep doing the same movements for as long as she likes. When she starts to twist her waist or push her waist upward, it means that her desire is aroused.

Rub it. When the woman's love fluid continues to gush out and her hunger and thirst are unbearable, the couple can adopt the most suitable position for rubbing the clitoris - the woman on top, for the next intercourse. When a woman sits on her husband, it provides more clitoral stimulation. At the same time, the male penis and female vagina also receive sexual satisfaction, which can greatly increase the possibility of two people climaxing at the same time.

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