"Being old and having sex" is beautiful

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"Old and sexless" is an outdated concept. Even if the sexual function of the elderly is not as good as before, they are by no means incapable of sexual function, nor will they completely lose their sexual desire. When people reach their twilight years, not only should they not give up sex because of age, but they should pay attention to and strengthen sex for the sake of a happy old age. A paper published in the journal Archives of Gerontology and Gerontology points out that regular, healthy sexual activity can promote active aging in the elderly, and they have higher life satisfaction and happiness than those who do not have sex.

A total of 5418 people were included in this study The researchers surveyed and evaluated the elderly people with an average age of 62 on their sexual activities (including physical touching, kissing, mutual caressing, masturbation and sexual intercourse), aging satisfaction, and happiness. The results of the analysis showed that higher sexual satisfaction was associated with higher aging satisfaction for both men and women. This factor is more prominent among contemporary older adults than it was a few decades ago. It can be said that a satisfactory sex life is an indispensable part of a good elderly life, which can promote the happiness of the elderly in the following aspects:

1. Horizontal comparison makes you feel younger. Researchers point out that older people often evaluate their health by comparing it with their peers. If they still have a regular and satisfying sex life in their old age, they will feel healthier and more vital than old people who no longer talk about sex. Such positive peer comparisons contribute to increased satisfaction with aging.

2. Vertical comparison still shows vitality. When comparing yourself internally with your younger self, although your sexual ability has declined, you can still experience sexual pleasure and complete your sexual life, which will give the elderly a sense of self-confidence.

3. Feel needed and enhance your sense of value. The elderly are usually more afraid of loneliness and neglect, and the extremely intimate act of sex can make them feel that they are still needed by their partners, and can also reflect their value of companionship, pleasure, and care for their loved ones.

4. Promote health and improve function. Sexual excitement and orgasm can promote the health of the elderly from physiological aspects, such as improving sleep quality, improving blood flow in the reproductive system, reducing the risk of prostate cancer, protecting cardiovascular systems, etc., which to a certain extent reduce the health anxiety of the elderly and prolongs their lifespan.

Sex brings many benefits to the elderly, but sexual health is still ignored by many elderly people. On the one hand, it is a matter of concept. For example, bound by traditional concepts, older women may be reluctant to express sexual needs, and may even think that their husband's sexual invitation is "old and immoral." Some elderly couples are too embarrassed to seek medical guidance and treatment when they have sexual problems because they are worried about the opinions of others. They turn sexual disorders into a big problem and finally give up all sexual contact. On the other hand, there is powerlessness. For example, many elderly people have reduced sexual ability and weakened waist and leg muscles due to chronic diseases., joint pain, female vaginal dryness, fear of causing high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, etc., and have to interrupt or even permanently stop sexual life.

From a physiological point of view, with the decline of sex hormones and fertility, the sexual ability of the elderly does deteriorate, but aging does not mean the loss of sexual desire and sexual ability. Surveys from different countries show that among the elderly, 90% of men and 50% of women still have sexual desire; even among people aged 86 to 90, 50% still have a desire for sex. Older couples should realize that sex is a good medicine to promote health and improve life satisfaction. Even if their mental strength is not as good as when they were young, they can still use the following practices to help them achieve "sexual happiness" in their later years.

Transformational model. Sexual activity is not limited to sexual intercourse. As long as sexual pleasure and satisfaction can be obtained, any intimate contact is sexual. It is recommended that when the elderly have sex, especially those with severe erection problems, vaginal dryness or poor physical strength, they should be good at using hugs, kisses, caressing, massaging sensitive points and other methods to help sexual intercourse. In addition, sex is not an end in itself, intimacy and love are. Elderly couples should express more love, need and appreciation for each other when they are in love, so that each other can be emotionally satisfied.

Make good use of masturbation. Moderate masturbation is an effective and healthy way to obtain physical pleasure. Research has found that older couples who have a positive attitude toward masturbation and are willing to masturbate each other have higher levels of sexual satisfaction. Elderly people who have not experienced mutual masturbation should try to overcome their shame and prejudice and masturbate in front of their lovers or caress their lovers to help them reach climax. This is a warm and beautiful experience, and there is no need to feel strange.

Use sex products. Women who feel sexual discomfort due to vaginal dryness can use lubricant and discuss with their spouse to extend foreplay to fully arouse their sexual desire before having sex. Couples who feel that the intensity of sex is insufficient and their physical strength is relatively poor can use a vibrator to increase stimulation. In order to increase comfort, reduce physical energy consumption and prevent accidents, the elderly can often use the spoon position during sex: the man and woman lie on their sides, the man hugs the female partner from behind, and enters from behind, which can reduce the force exerted by the whole body and increase the skin-to-skin intimacy. area.

Healthy life. Good living habits have a positive effect on maintaining sexual desire and sexual ability. A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that older women who enjoyed jogging, dancing, and eating a balanced diet were more sexually active. Avoiding smoking and drinking, reducing sitting time, exercising regularly, and eating healthily can greatly reduce the chances of elderly men suffering from impotence, premature ejaculation and other diseases.

Have sex in moderation. The sexual health care of the elderly advocates "acting according to one's nature and controlling it when appropriate", and avoid indulgence and show off. On average, having sexual activity 1 to 3 times a month is more beneficial to health. Too frequent sex may force some older men to blindly take erection aids, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and is not worth the gain.

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