Whether the erection is good or not depends on the "horn"

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Weng, Department of Reproductive Andrology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

Penile erect length is something that many men care about. In fact, in terms of "sexual happiness", there is not much difference in the female partner's sexual experience when the penis is erect to a normal length (8 to 15 cm). Instead of caring about length, male friends should pay more attention to the angle of erection, which has a greater impact on the sexual experience.

"Erection angle" refers to The angle formed by the erect penis and the lower limbs when standing is generally 90 degrees or above, which is normal. An erection greater than 90 degrees, forward and upward, matches the diagonal direction of the female vagina, which is beneficial to a harmonious sexual life; an erection less than 90 degrees not only affects the quality of sexual life, but may also be related to certain health risks, which is worthy of vigilance.

1. Insufficient penile erection. This situation is more common in middle-aged people. High pressure in life, busy work, declining physical fitness, and the emergence of basic diseases (such as "three highs") make many men have weak erections, and even experience varying degrees of impotence, unable to achieve the ideal "erectile angle." If early attention is paid, timely medical treatment is given, and the primary disease is controlled, most of the time, a satisfactory "erectile angle" can be restored. There are also some young men who are overweight, have intense sexual intercourse, stay up late for a long time, and do not exercise, which can also cause insufficient erection. It is recommended to improve your lifestyle and regulate your emotions to "regain your glory."

2. External reproductive problems. Some erection problems are caused by congenital short frenulum. This results in a restricted erection of the penis, causing it to curve downward. It may also be caused by phimosis. In some men, the foreskin is too long, and the entire penis is even covered by skin. The mucosa near the coronal sulcus fuses with the skin at the root of the penis, causing the penis to retract into the suprapubic fat pad. This results in a concealed penis and difficulty in erection; or the penis root or The scrotal skin merges with the inner plate of the foreskin, and even the testicles on both sides are pulled to the ventral side of the penis, which can also lead to a small "erect angle". If you have these problems, it is recommended to go to the men's department for treatment in time to help restore erectile function.

3. Iatrogenic factors. It is common after circumcision surgery. The foreskin is removed too much or the frenulum is damaged, resulting in limited erection, inability to move upward, and erection traction pain. Cutting too little can also cause problems, which is more common, occurring 31% of the time. This means that the incision is not obliquely oval, and only the foreskin is partially transected, resulting in a narrow ring, the glans cannot be exposed, and the penis is laterally deformed, affecting the "erect angle." The reason for too little foreskin removal may be that the distal foreskin has scar narrowing and poor exposure; or some patients may prefer to leave a little more than cut off a little more. In this case, if there is no stenosis of the foreskin opening, it can be easily turned over above the coronal sulcus and normal intercourse can be performed without excessive medical intervention or further surgery; but if there is fibrosisIf the foreskin proliferates or even narrows, and the foreskin cannot be turned up, another surgery will be required to correct it.

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