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All About Miso

Miso is one of the yummiest weird-sounding condiments around.

White, red and brown are basically the main kinds you might find at your average grocery store if you’re lucky (though a great many more varieties exist) but if you venture to a co-op or Asian grocery, you will find all sorts of different miso, made out of all kinds of crazy stuff! It’s even in some grocery stores too. Yay.

Miso is a simple fermented soy product (though there are variations—such as barley). Key word: simple. When buying it, check the ingredient list and pick the brand with the least amount of ingredients. Avoid MSG or other additives.

Shiromiso is white miso, mild and sweet, and used primarily for light brothy soups, marinades, and sauces. This is what I keep on hand all the time.

Akamiso is usually known as red miso and is more savory, it’s very versatile and used for stir-fries, heavier soups, and stews, or really almost anything.

Hatcho, brown or dark miso, generally is saltier, more intense and used for stews and heavier dishes that need some salt action.

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