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Halloween Finger Food

High-five for Halloween Finger Food.

Posting this again for those who didn’t see it a couple of years ago. The story is old, but the recipe is still frighteningly good.

Harumph. I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween. Adults in costume? Puh-leeze. But I do like to entertain. And Halloween is yet another good excuse for a party. The year I was laid off, boo-hoo, I rented out a room in my house to help ease my financial burden. It was late October. The new roomie talked me into hosting a Halloween party. With costumes. Ick.

I had been laid off after 13 years of editing and writing about food…and developing recipes…and was in a witchy mood.

“Bitter, party of one, your table is ready.”

But in the spirit of the holiday I adopted a devil-may-care attitude. (OK. That’s enough of the Halloween puns.)

Although I don’t do costumes, I felt somewhat obligated to come up with appropriate attire for my Halloween gathering. Read More >>

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