About Us

Jeanne and LindseyJeanne Ambrose and Lindsey Ambrose are a mother-daughter seasoned food-writing team. Jeanne is a writer and editor specializing in food/nutrition/health. She’s the editor of Taste of Home magazine. And also editor of Country Woman magazine. And Simple & Delicious magazine. Whew! She’s also edited a zillion publications and books. And she is a former editor and recipe developer for Better Homes and Gardens magazine.


Jeanne and LindseyLindsey has been a foodie since she was old enough to grasp a wooden spoon and start licking off the batter. She has cooked for Food Not Bombs in San Francisco and waitressed her way through college, pilfering ideas for inspiration. Lindsey’s travels also have inspired many meals—from Hawaii with its melting-pot cuisine (where she was born), to Mexico, and Italy.


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