Have a Seat

Who says you have to have a lot of money to brighten your life? Spray paint will do it.

Here are a couple of examples. My niece Lori and her best bud Mike recently decided to jazz up some cheap white plastic-ish outdoor chairs. The before and after photos tell the tale.

The chairs, before.


Lori’s Chairs, After


Beware, however, when you buy several cans of spray paint at the local hardware store. A friend was caught up in a conversation with a “cute, little teenager at the checkout” recently. The teen asked my friend if she was going to “huff.” My friend, who is probably 50-something, replied: “No. Tonight we’re just going to do some tagging.”

Whatever you do with your spray paint, be safe. Have fun. I painted a couple of old, beat-up wicker chairs a few years back and they are kinda cute in the front yard (that I no longer own.) But it’s fun to do and to look at. Do it.


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