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From Dismay to Dessert

Join us for tips from Heartbreak Recovery Kitchen—and happiness-inducing desserts. Thursday, Nov. 4, 6 p.m., Illahee Hills, 8308 Colby Pkwy, Urbandale, Iowa. We share advice on going from sad (or mad) to glad simply by stepping into the kitchen. It’s all about mending and moving on with good food and good friends. Cookbook signing too.

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Public Humiliation

Why do some workshop leaders feel the need to be rude and condescending? People attend workshops/conferences to learn and improve, not to be treated as if we are idiots (which some of us are…but still…that’s why we attend these workshops…to become less idiotic).

I had a heartbreaking experience at a writers’ conference over the weekend…as did many of my fellow attendees. Lots of public humiliation and badgering in the guise of critiques. In hindsight I should have protested—not only when I was the target, but as I watched one after the other of the writers get verbally punched and jabbed. The less-than-tactful agent—whose dramatically pliable face reflected disdain, horror, and disapproval as writers shared their work—was the buzz of the event. His questions and tone of voice mimicked his facial expressions. He was disrespectful, to put it mildly.   Read More >>

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  1. Monica Bhide says:

    This is so terrible. I am so sorry you had to go through it.

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Better than Valium?

Listening to 30 minutes of classical music has the same stress-soothing benefits as taking 10 mg. of Valium, according to research.

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