Chocolate-Dipped Spice Cake Balls

Everybody loved them. Loved them. Good thing. We spent a long time creating these little masterpieces.

This cake ball thing seems to be all the rage. You’ll find many a recipe by typing “cake balls” into your favorite search engine (google). You’re not getting our recipe. Well, maybe later. In the cookbook. Maybe. Haven’t decided yet.

Here’s the typical generic recipe. Bake a cake from a cake mix. Crumble up the finished cake (what?) and stir in a can of frosting. (OMG…Frosting from a can? Shudder.) You end up with a glob of frosted cake mooshed together. Use a melon baller or mini ice-cream scoop to form balls. Dip the balls in melted candy coating. (Candy coating? Shudder.) Done.

A heartbreak, for sure. Homemade cake, can of frosting, and candy coating? Teeth-achingly sweet with an artificial afterburn.

Nonetheless, we liked the concept. Why not bring it into the kitchen and create our own homemade balls of wonder? We tried two versions: From- scratch Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting rolled into mini balls and dipped into dark chocolate, then sprinkled with granola (Chocolate-Dipped Spice Cake Balls).

Then we tried a from-scratch Dark Chocolate Cake with added mini chips. Fudge Frosting. Again, dipped in dark chocolate. Sprinkled with macadamia nuts.

Our gourmet balls were not bad. The hungry hoards raved. (We brought them to a fundraising auction for a friend who needed help with her medical expenses.) Still a bit sweetish for us. But, we like our sweets on the subtle side.

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